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Can ultrasonic cleaning machine be used for aerospace precision parts cleaning?

Date: 2022-11-09Number: 430

Over the years, Air China has developed a series of standards to control the cleanliness of aero-engine parts, etc. , the research and development of aero-engine in China has entered a new stage of parts cleanliness control from the beginning of liquid cleanliness control, also promoted the progress of cleaning technology, many technology leading clean technology and innovative cleaning equipment continue to emerge, such as ultrasonic cleaning.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

In the past, in the aerospace industry, gasoline or alcohol was widely used as the medium for hand-cleaning components, which was characterized by relatively high cleaning costs, high energy consumption, low efficiency and environmental pollution, in addition can not meet the new material cleanliness control regulations, now the traditional way of cleaning, has been gradually eliminated. Now many manufacturers have gradually replaced the traditional cleaning methods with ultrasonic cleaning technology, using safe and environmental-friendly organic solvent as the cleaning medium, the integration of various cleaning processes ultrasonic cleaning equipment, complete high cleanliness cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic is a frequency of 20 khz or more of the sound wave, when its own spread in the liquid will cause cavitation effect, that is, the formation of countless cavitation bubbles, such bubbles rapidly increase and burst, the shock wave can create thousands of atmospheres of pressure from the surrounding area, repeatedly hitting the waste layer, destroying the waste and cleaning parts of the surface of the absorption, resulting in the waste away from the cleaning parts of the surface into the cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic cavitation can also cause high-speed micro-jet on the surface of solid liquid, which can remove or weaken the boundary layer, increase mixing effect to speed up the dissolution of soluble waste, enhance the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents.

Compared with traditional cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology as a new cleaning process, can be used in most aerospace products parts cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is not limited to parts style, for all kinds of micro-hole, blind hole, clearance parts can be cleaned, with a high cleanliness, faster, low cost advantages. With the improvement of aerospace materials and the innovation of coating and coating, the ultrasonic cleaning technology will be widely used in aerospace industry in the future.

Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for aerospace industry parts: removing abrasive and polishing sediment, molding sand, dust; removing vegetable grease, coolant, polishing paste/wax, grinding paste/wax; removing Burr phenomenon; Cleaning carbon deposit and so on.