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Can the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean the surface dirt of the electroplating work piece?

Date: 2022-11-09Number: 444

Electroplating is an indispensable part of industrial production, pre-electroplating cleaning using ultrasonic cleaning technology has become a new typical process. In the past, the traditional process before electroplating was to clean the workpieces with acid solution, which was more serious to the environmental pollution and worse to the working place, the biggest disadvantage should be the construction of cumbersome work pieces pickling rust after the residual acid is difficult to wash clean. At present, many enterprises in electroplating industry have gradually replaced the traditional cleaning methods with ultrasonic cleaning technology, get rid of the strong acid, strong alkaline widely used, and promote the workplace to improve, reduce the labor efficiency of employees, environmental pollution will be properly addressed.

The working principle of ultrasonic cleaning is"Cavitation" effect, the high frequency oscillation signal generated by the ultrasonic generator is transformed into high frequency mechanical vibration wave by the transducer and propagates to the cleaning medium (cleaning liquid) , when the sound pressure reaches a specified value, these tiny bubbles will soon increase and then suddenly close, resulting in a blast wave, which also brings about thousands of atmospheric pressure. When the shock wave is applied to the surface of the workpiece, the residual dirt on the surface of the workpiece is dispersed and separated, thus achieving the goal of cleaning. Because the ultrasonic wave has the extremely strong penetrating ability, has the good cleaning effect to the miscellaneous pattern, the internal cavity, the tiny tiny hole, the blind hole and the slot work piece, this is also difficult to achieve other cleaning methods and can not be replaced.

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Application of ultrasonic cleaning in electroplating industry

Widely used in electroplating parts, vacuum coating decorative parts, metal locks, motor parts, rolling bearings, casting, metal stamping parts, case watchband, glasses frame, stainless steel tableware, compressor, watch parts, precision textile equipment, precision machinery manufacturing, transmission gears, crankshaft, pneumatic valves, radiators and other precision parts and all kinds of metal parts in the production and processing of oil stains, wax grease, debris removal. Ultrasonic cleaning in electroplating industry cleaning is mainly divided into pre-electroplating ultrasonic cleaning (pre-treatment) and after electroplating ultrasonic cleaning (post-treatment) . The ultrasonic cleaning before electroplating includes cleaning wax grease after polishing of all kinds of hardware parts and thorough removal of oil stains and debris in the processing of spare parts. The ultrasonic cleaning after electroplating includes the residual electroplating solution and all kinds of residues produced in the electroplating process.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is applied to several common surface fouling of electroplating workpieces

1. Clean work pieces with polished wax on the surface

The polishing wax is a kind of dirt which is very difficult to clean at normal temperature. It is cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment and water-based cleaning agent, and is adjusted to a suitable cleaning temperature, about 10 minutes can be completely washed the surface of the electroplating workpiece, the common production process is: 1 immersion →2 ultrasonic cleaning →3 water (pure water) rinse.

2. Clean oil-and rust-covered workpieces

The surface of the workpiece usually has oil stains or a little rust, cleaning up relatively easy, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine with oil cleaning agent or rust removal agent, what the cleaning agent, can quickly achieve the surface of the workpiece clean, sometimes it is even possible to dispense with the dipping process before electroplating.

3. Cleaning the surface of the oxide skin and yellow rust of the workpiece

The traditional method is to use hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid immersion cleaning. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly remove the surface of the workpiece oil stains, rust. Avoid hydrogen embrittlement problems associated with strong acid cleaning.