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Digital ultrasonic cleaning

The special working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine: the ultrasonic wave transmits to the liquid in a high-frequency conversion mode of more than 20000 times per second compression force and pressure reduction interactivity. When the pressure is reduced, the liquid generates vacuum nuclear bubbles and phenomena. When the compression force is applied, the vacuum nuclear bubbles are crushed by pressure to generate a strong impact force, which peels off the dirt on the surface of the object to be cleanedSo as to achieve the purpose of precise cleaning.


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Product model: FY2L120W40KSD Ultrasonic power: 120W
Product capacity: 2L Heating power: 150W
Inner groove size: 150*135*100mm Outer groove size: 175*160*210mm
Number of vibrators: 2 Inner groove material: 304 stainless steel
Functions: Adjustable time and temperature, one key degassing, variable wave Washing basket size: 130*110*70mm
Grid spacing: 10*10mm Frequency: 40KHz

Product features:

》》The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel SUS304 by one-time stamping, without welding, and has good waterproof performance.
》》The cleaning basket adopts stainless steel SUS304 mesh screen argon welding to improve the cleaning effect.

》》The shell of the washing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel embossed plate, which is beautiful and generous.

》》Working time digital control, LED digital display, 1-99 minutes can be adjusted to meet different cleaning needs. Time and temperature are clear at a glance.

》》Industrial grade single chip microcomputer control, flexible circuit board control, more security and stability.

》》The cleaning temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0-80 ℃.

》》The transmission power of each ultrasonic transducer of the washer is 50 watts.

》》6 liters and above are equipped with drain valves, humanized design, and quickly discharge cleaning wastewater.

》》It adopts high-quality imported core components, with high ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, strong power and good cleaning effect.

》》Unique heat dissipation system makes components work more stably.

》》Ceramic heating, good heating effect.

》》PCB board is treated with moisture-proof and anti-corrosion.

》》When cleaning objects, there is no need for hands to contact the cleaning liquid, no need to stir the workpiece, no damage to the surface of the workpiece, safe and reliable, and saving solvent, heat energy, work site and labor when cleaning the workpiece.

Scope of use:

1. Machinery industry: removal of antirust grease, oil and rust removal of mechanical parts, cleaning of engine, carburetor and auto parts, dredging and cleaning of filters and strainers, etc.

2. Surface treatment industry: removing oil and rust before electroplating, cleaning and phosphating before ion plating, removing carbon deposits, removing oxide scale, removing polishing paste, surface activation treatment of metal workpiece, etc.

3. Instrument industry: cleaning of measuring tools, high-definition cleanliness cleaning of precision parts before assembly, etc.

4. Electronic industry: printed circuit board except rosin and welding spot; Cleaning of mechanical and electronic parts such as high-voltage contacts.

5. Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices, cleaning of experimental vessels, etc.

6. Semiconductor industry: high definition cleaning of semiconductor wafers.

7. Watch and jewelry industry: remove sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.

8. Chemical and biological industries: cleaning and descaling of experimental vessels.

9. Optical industry: oil, sweat and ash removal of optical devices and glasses.

10. Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile spindles, spinnerets, etc.

11. Petrochemical Industry: cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of chemical vessels and exchangers.