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why use medical ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean medical devices?

Date: 2022-09-02Number: 502

The application range of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine includes medical research organizations and pharmaceutical research centers besides hospitals. The types of medical devices that it can clean are also increasing gradually, cleaning medical devices at a relatively high level in a labor-saving situation is its greatest advantage, why use medical ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean medical devices?


medical ultrasonic cleaning machines

1、Integration of cleaning

When using the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, human factors need to be put into the medical apparatus and its cleaning fluid, but after the cleaning machine is opened, it can be cleaned automatically and integrally, the cleaning, soaking and drying process is a step-by-step process, and no man-made operation is needed in the middle, which can realize a complete cleaning strategy and save human resources and time.

2. Protect the safety and health of nursing staff

It is inevitable that there are some sharp medical instruments, such as surgical blades, glass slides, medical tweezers, etc. . If there is a patient's blood stain on the medical instruments, then it is inevitable that the probability of feeling Qi will be felt when cleaning manually, the use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can prevent human cleaning of infectious diseases, just put medical equipment into the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be completed environmental sanitation work.

3. The cleaning effect is obvious

If the medicine or blood stains attached to the medical instruments dried up, it would be difficult to clean them by hand. Even if the surface did not show any dirt, there would still be remnants of hard-to-remove bacteria, when the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine starts, it can cause a large number of tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution, which can also penetrate into many gaps of the articles, this kind of ultrasonic cavitation effect caused by the cleaning effect is also irreplaceable, can more completely clean up medical devices.

The above is the main reason for using the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean medical instruments. It can be known that its working characteristics and cleaning characteristics are both very efficient and high-quality medical ultrasonic cleaning machines are able to perform this work, more understanding of some medical ultrasonic cleaning machine which cost-effective to select the best to assist the hospital to carry out a lot of cleaning work.