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Emulsified ultrasonic generator

The ultrasonic generator is mainly composed of a frequency generator and a power amplifier. The former is a feedback control system which uses the phase information of the electric signal as the feedback quantity, divides the output frequency signal into frequency, then discriminates the phase with the output signal of the crystal oscillator, and finally locks the output frequency, in the latter, the complementary push-pull secondary amplifier is used to amplify the weak electric signal and generate a high electric field, which makes the piezoelectric transducer piezoelectricity.


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Ultrasonic emulsification refers to the effect of ultrasonic energy, so that two (or more) dissolvable liquids mixed evenly to form a dispersion system, a process in which one liquid is uniformly distributed in another liquid to form an emulsion.

Compared with common emulsifying technology and equipment (such as propeller, colloid mill and homogenizer, etc.) , ultrasonic emulsification has the following characteristics:

High emulsifying quality

The average droplet size of the formed emulsion is small, 0.2-2μm, and the droplet size distribution range is narrow, 0.1-10μm or even narrower. The concentration of the pure emulsion can reach 30% , and the addition of emulsifier can reach 70% .

Emulsifying stability

Can not use or less emulsifier on the production of stable emulsion, some can be stable for several months to more than half a year, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, low cost.

The type of emulsion can be controlled

Both o/W (oil in water) and w/o (water in oil in oil) emulsions can be prepared under certain acoustic field conditions. However, this is not possible by mechanical emulsification method. Only the properties of emulsifiers can control the type of lactic acid. For example, toluene is emulsified in water to form one type of emulsion at low sound intensity and another type of emulsion at high sound intensity.

The power required to produce the emulsion is low

For example, when the working pressure is 10.5-14.1 kg/CM2, the driving power of 5-7 horsepower is only needed, and the high-pressure homogenizer is used, when the working pressure is 70.3-351.6 kg/CM2, the driving power of 40-50 hp is needed.